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Please feel free to click on the "Contact Us" Tab with any questions or comments. Please email or call the Secretary if you want copies of any Ordinances or want to rent the pavilion for an event. Building Permits are required, so if you are building anything in Blaine Township please contact the Secretary for the necessary paperwork to get your project started. Thank you for visiting!

Blaine Township is named after a former United States Secretary of State and Republican candidate for the 1884 presidential election, James G. Blaine.

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Taylorstown was founded in 1795 when a tract of land, granted to Robert Taylor in 1788, was sold by him to his son William Taylor. The town was originally named New Brunswick; however, because the proprietor was William Taylor, the people called the settlement Taylorstown. In 1807, the name New Brunswick was dropped and the name Taylorstown was officially adopted. The Taylorstown Historical District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.